Laying the Foundations: A book about design systems

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    Andrew Couldwell
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I should stress that the design, build, and ‘rules’ of a system are not set in stone — they are a constant work in progress, open to iteration to improve, adapt, and scale.
I’m a big believer that brand plays a crucial role in design systems. This is why I recommend thinking and designing holistically — considering the brand and product as a whole, as opposed to tackling problems one-by-one and hoping the pieces will fit.
Product design and web design are two distinct disciplines. You can’t — or arguably shouldn’t — apply the same design methodologies or design systems to designing a product as you would to marketing design.
Do work you’ll be proud of. Work hard while doing it. Have fun, always. Don’t wait for permission. Be bold and try things. Mistakes happen. Learn from your mistakes. Be real. Be bette Love what you do.
Basic Agency
This approach can be disruptive to the product’s user experience and aesthetic, but less disruptive to your business and roadmap. It can also be a frustrating process, as progress can be slow.
A wholesale redesign is a gamble — it could make or break your business. Take Snapchat’s 2018 redesign, which Vanity Fair described as “cataclysmic”.