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    Design, Development

Rephraser AI is my personal project built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API. It is designed to generate three unique versions of any given input, which are tailored to match the selected style and tone. It’s built on Next.js and Tailwind CSS and is hosted on Vercel. My current favourite stacks.

Rephraser AI

Generating Prompt

The process of generating a prompt was more complex than I had anticipated. For example, I found that the absence of special characters like full-stops or question marks could result in unexpected outcomes, requiring me to address the issue.

function createPrompt({ text, style, tone }) {
const trimmedText = `${text.trim()}${
['.', '?', '!', ';'].includes(text.trim().slice(-1)) ? '' : '.'
const textWithoutLineBreaks = trimmedText.replace(/\n/g, ' ')
const stylePrompt = style === 'same' ? '' : ` in a ${style} style`
const tonePrompt = tone === 'same' ? '' : ` with a ${tone} tone`
return `Generate 3 different rephrasings of the original${stylePrompt}${tonePrompt},
prefix each with this exact symbol "$-".
Original: ${textWithoutLineBreaks}`

To obtain multiple variations with a single prompt, I used special character prefixes and divided the results using Regular Expressions. I found that this technique uses fewer tokens compared to using the n property (link). Additionally, the n property often led to duplicated results, regardless of the temperature setting (link). Not 100% sure why this is the case, though.

function separateResult(result) {
const resultWithoutLineBreaks = result.replace(/\n/g, '')
const matchArray = resultWithoutLineBreaks.match(/\$-(.*?)(?=\$-|$)/g)
return => val.replace(/^\$-/, ''))

Design materials

Considering that it’s only a minor side project, I didn’t want to invest too much time into the design aspect. Nevertheless, I aimed to avoid the default Tailwind aesthetics with Inter font. So, I created some design materials using Migra Italic and Formula Condensed, which are my owned fonts.

Open Graph Image
Open Graph Image


You can access the application at Please note that it may often be unavailable due to an API usage limit that I’ve set to minimise API fees.